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Join Rocket Money Today and Experience Financial Freedom!

Now if you have attended my Debt Busters workshop, you have received my Pivot Payoff Tracker. But what if you look at that and are completely intimidated by a spreadsheet and want an easier option? 


I heard you, and that’s why I have partnered with Rocket Money. Rocket Money is an app that will track your spending, help you pay your bills on time, and can help cancel your subscriptions. Because what is the next budget buster next to take out? Subscriptions. 


I guarantee you signed up for some subscription years ago, that you forgot about, but keep paying on. Or your spouse has…or your kids have. What if, when you joined Rocket Money, they could take care of canceling your unwanted subscriptions, just like that, instantly putting money in your pocket! 


At this point, you can’t afford to NOT have Rocket Money.

Join Rocket Money NOW

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