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Let's Get Thrifty

If knowledge like this can assist individuals and their families in navigating the realm of saving money, then we consider its mission accomplished!


Debt Buster

It's not just a workshop.. it's your first step towards a secure financial future. 

Be the first to be notified of our next Debt Buster Workshop, so you can create your path to financial freedom with like minded people! 

Business Consultation

Pivot Payoff Plan Budget Tracker

Transform your financial landscape and elevate your planning with our user-friendly, feature-rich spreadsheet—your key to mastering the art of financial control.

7 ways to cut your grocery bill in half

EBook: 7 Ways To Cut Your Grocery Bill in HALF.

Unlock the secret to a financially secure future with my eBook, filled with practical money-saving tips.


This guide is a valuable resource for anyone looking to save more, spend less, and make their money work harder for them.


1:1 Coaching
With Laurie

If you take your spender type quiz and still need that extra push to get started, don't worry!  I am offering 1:1 coaching for people who need that extra love and care! 

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Debt Busters Membership

Engage with a diverse community of like-minded individuals dedicated to liberating themselves from the constraints of debt. Whether you're embarking on the initial stages of your journey or making significant progress, our group offers a nurturing space to exchange experiences, offer guidance, and provide mutual encouragement.



"I LOVED working with Laurie in her Debt Buster Workshop, not only was it fun but it was informative! For anyone looking for ways to save and get out of debt, Laurie is your GIRL."
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