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Embrace the Nifty Thrifty Lifestyle and Unlock the Key to Your Financial Freedom!

By adopting this frugal yet fulfilling lifestyle, you get to understand your spending type - be it a Keeping Up With Jones's Spender, Nickel and Dimer, Yo-Yo Debtor and Emotional Spender...But that's not all! The Nifty Thrifty lifestyle also equips you with effective strategies to overcome these spending habits. It's not about restricting your desires, but about making smarter choices. It's about enjoying the richness of life without the burden of financial stress.


So, get ready to redefine your relationship with money and experience the joy of a Nifty Thrifty life!

How It All Started...
Meet Laurie

Growing up in Iowa as a lower middle class resident, I gained valuable lessons in thrifty living from my resourceful mother who simply aimed to put food on the table.

Now, several decades later, I continue to embrace this money-saving mindset that has guided me through life's financial challenges and allowed me to become debt-free.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that not everyone is aware of these tips and tricks that have served me so well. This revelation inspired me to create the Nifty Thrifty Lifestyle platform.

If my knowledge can help you and your family navigate the world of saving money, then I consider my mission accomplished!


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It's Time To Get Your Finances IN CHECK.

Explore the various avenues outlined below through which Nifty Thrifty can assist you in achieving financial freedom.


1:1 Coaching

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"Laurie was AMAZING. She helped me see where I was struggling with my debt and where I needed to save! My 1:1 meetings with her helped me a TON. 
12/10 Recommend!"


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